Training Overview

The TISE curriculum is designed to help you understand what trauma is, how it might affect your students, and ways that you can support students in your classroom who might be affected by trauma. In this course, you will learn how your positive relationships with students can help them build resilience and thrive during and after difficult experiences. By taking this course, you will learn how to recognize symptoms of trauma in your students, as well as specific skills and techniques you can use to support your students. 

  • TISE: Training Course
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    TISE (Trauma-Informed Skills for Educators) is an eight-module, self-paced course designed for K-12 teachers. There are two sections of the course. Modules 1-4 are didactic and aim to educate users about what trauma is, how trauma affects the brain, symptoms of trauma, and how relationships can build resilience to overcome trauma and hardships. The first four modules are required to be completed in order before advancing to the remaining four modules. Once you have completed modules 1-4, modules 5-8 will be unlocked. Modules 5-8 are skill-building sections that can be completed in any order. In the skills modules, you will use a combination of interactive exercises and simulated interactions with students to practice building a positive classroom climate, trauma-informed communication skills, de-escalation techniques, and collaborating with other school staff in a trauma-informed way.